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Reach out and serve

We have about 30 churches in Woodbury. They come in all shapes and sizes, big and small, old and new, and in a number of denominations.

While the old churches have decades of history behind them, new ones keep popping up here and there. While the established churches have their own big buildings, the new ones have to use space in schools, the golf course clubhouse or at Central Park as meeting places.

Among the many churches in Woodbury, the one I admire most is Woodbury Lutheran Church, because it does a wonderful job of reaching out and serving the community. I feel a strong personal connection to it as well, even though it's not my home church.

My daughter went to WLC's half-day preschool for a few months. I really liked it, but I had to switch her to a full-day daycare center because I couldn't pick her up during the middle of the day.

My kids had attended Vacation Bible School at WLC a couple of times.

WLC has various ministries to serve its members and the general public. I have personally benefited from its services.

The Career Transition Connection is a ministry that offers advice and support for job seekers. The group meets twice a month. I was there once for a presentation.

I remember another time I went to its "Celebrate Recovery" meeting to hear radio show host Kim Jeffries' testimony. I like to listen to her "Along the Way" radio program on KTIS AM 900 at noon. When I learned that she would give a testimony, I wanted to hear that and meet her in person.

Most recently, just over a week ago on a Saturday morning, I was at WLC for the Life Planning Ministry event "Longing for simple living." It provided great teaching and fun activity. I really enjoyed the sessions.

WLC has many more ministries than I just mentioned. It has a ministry to support people with disabilities, as well as Bible Study Fellowship classes for women and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) for moms.

WLC is a community gathering place. It's a church that truly opens its heart and door and welcomes everyone in the community. It provides its space to many organizations in their effort to reach out to the community.

For a few years, the Woodbury Chinese Church used the space at WLC for its monthly fellowship. I went to the fellowship meeting many times.

WLC regularly hosts big events sponsored by the South Washington County School District Community Education. I attended a few SAFE (School Age Family Education) presentations myself.

Many people in our area know of or have heard about the Christian Cupboard in Woodbury. For more than two decades, WLC has been a sponsor and providing space for this non-profit organization to provide food and other basic items to those in need.

The service that WLC offers has reached far beyond the borders of Woodbury. Many hurricane recovery mission trips were organized by WLC to help rebuild Ocean Springs, Miss. after Hurricane Katrina.

I am sure WLC is growing and thriving because it is deeply rooted in the community and has a close touch with the public, because it has a giving and serving attitude. When it gives and serves our community in so many ways, it will naturally attract more people to its building and services.

I hope more churches will do what WLC has been doing, opening their hearts and doors wide. Mission work doesn't have to be done only in other countries and far away places. You can do a lot of mission work right here in your own community.

Every week when I read Woodbury Bulletin, I can usually find something that WLC offers to the public. If your church has a special program and event, put that information in the paper and invite the public to come. If what you do fills the needs of others, they will show up.

In my opinion, WLC is the best church in Woodbury. I feel no other church has done as much for the community as WLC. The church has some wonderful and talented members who love to serve the Lord and others.

For all the things you have done for the community and for me personally, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to WLC. You set a great example for other churches to follow.