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Afton names interim city administrator

Afton has chosen its interim city administrator.

James E. Norman accepted the position Tuesday morning (Feb. 26).

Afton's current administrator, Shelly Strauss, works her last day Friday, Feb. 29 and city council members had hoped to have her replacement in place swiftly.

Norman will start work Monday, March 3, with a monthly salary of $5,160.

Norman, who is a resident of St. Paul, works as a consultant for Norman & Associates, which focuses on public-private partnerships, transit-oriented development and growth management issues.

He previously served as city administrator at Ramsey City Council, working from 1998-2006.

Strauss resigned from the position at Afton in January, citing communication issues with two of the council members, a frequently hostile work environment and a heavy workload as her reasons for leaving.