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Letter: With growth comes change

As parents on the east side of Woodbury we believe that there has been a lot of emphasis on the past displacement of children. This has occurred because their growth was not accurately accounted for.

Woodbury is one of the fastest growing cities in Minnesota (roughly 46,000 in 2000 and 57,000 in 2007). With growth comes change.

Decisions need to be made now that satisfy all guiding principles, the red plan accomplishes this. Even though it would create the most change we believe it accounts for the growth of this city, which will minimize change in the future.

One of the reasons for such drastic change being needed is that in 2002/2003, when Liberty was built, the goal was to fill the school with existing students to maximize the facilities over the next five years. In order to accomplish this, they had to place children there that were already present in the community.

Put yourself in the position of the newer communities. Try making and keeping friends five-plus miles away, or in another city. Those existing residents knew that future change would happen.

What's not fair is asking these newer communities to accept an outcome that you wouldn't agree with for you. Everyone is equal and it doesn't matter who was here first as we all have neighbors who come and go.

We all want the same things for our children. We all invest in our neighborhoods and schools. We all want to go to the same school without change. The problem is when we all moved into this growing city we knew change would happen and we have to accept that now's the time to do it.

We ask that everyone think of current and future residents when making these decisions. Put yourself into every neighbor's situation and make the best choice.

Jim and Nicci LaValle