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Letter: Look beyond the borders

Another week, another letter about how wonderful the red and blue boundary plans are. I would just like to ask the people who are writing these letters to look beyond their borders.

They seem to be neglecting the fact that in the Blue plan a new group of people have to travel to the fourth-closest elementary school to their home. Except this new group of people didn't purchase their homes with the knowledge that their children would be carted across town and the people in W40 and W41 did, regardless of what they thought would happen when the boundaries were redrawn.

I am not in favor of anyone having to go to the fourth-closest school to their home. I believe that the Red plan sends the most elementary school children to the first- or second- closest school to their home and I can't find an instance where anyone goes to the fourth-closest school to their home in this plan.

But the people writing these letters seem to think that the Blue plan solves this issue and it doesn't, although I suppose as long as it's not their kid they don't care.

And you wonder why you "continue to be pigeon-holed as "the bad guys" making unreasonable demands."

As a resident of Wedgewood Park, more importantly as a resident perfectly willing to move my kids to another school to improve the currently flawed elementary boundaries, I have to say that, yes, to ask a whole new group of kids to make that trek across town, that you so obviously think is unfair, is definitely making an unreasonable demand.

It's safe to say that every plan is going to make more than a few people mad, but I believe that if it comes down to someone having to make that trek over to Bailey, it should be the people who knew they would have to when they bought their home.

People should look more closely before speaking. You aren't the only issue in this whole boundary debate.

Denise Mok