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Letter: Rhetoric or recourse

Recent opinions suggest that the W-40 residents of Stone Mill Farms should accept the status quo and not take the opportunity to right a wrong. I believe the residents of W-40 are being treated unequally and that the current and proposed White Plan does not live up to congruent, systemic equality.

Our children should not have to be bused across the city when others are afforded an attempt to keep their children within a neighborhood school, or at least to the nearest school.

I don't believe any of the residents of W-40 think it is their right to attend Liberty Ridge. On the contrary, I believe they would wholeheartedly accept a school that is within a closer radius of their homes and, thus, affording a better sense of community.

Busing our children to Bailey is no semblance of community. It is a Diaspora for our children, sending them off to great distances on a long bus drive; time that could be better spent with their family and friends or spent in the classroom.

The argument that the school board should accept the White Plan because it disrupts or displeases the fewest families is near-sighted.

The right decision is not always the popular decision and the school board needs to adhere to its guiding principles and make boundaries that keep neighborhoods together, provide efficient and safe transportation, allow for future growth and are contiguous.

The White Plan continues a faulty and near-sighted boundary decision that should never have been made in the first place. It is bad policy and not in the best interest for all of the residents of Woodbury. Change hurts, but growth is coming; in fact, it is here. Passing the Red or Blue Plan will keep Woodbury from having to revisit this dilemma again in the future.

Hardly rhetoric.

Robert Strande