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Letter: Boundaries should address the future

My family has lived in Woodbury since 1999 and we made the decision to leave our "established" neighborhood in 2005 to move into a "new" development which was more favorable to young children. We love our newer neighborhood and the sense of community that it brings to our three young children.

When we purchased our home, we were aware that our neighborhood school was over-crowded and that our children may not initially be able to attend there. However, we were also told that boundaries would soon need to change as the community grew.

Changes should be made now that benefit the entire district, even if that means disappointing those with emotional ties to their school. The three proposed plans were developed by task force members, none of whom are residents of my neighborhood.

It is disappointing that residents of new neighborhoods continue to be pigeon-holed as "the bad guys" making unreasonable demands. There is no agenda to harm any particular neighborhood and the multiple comments I have read that suggest this are ridiculous.

Boundary decisions cannot be based on emotion, and that is why I implore school board members to maintain their objectivity.

If the White Plan is approved, middle school children in our Woodbury neighborhood will be bused to Cottage Grove, and our elementary children will continue to be bused past four schools to get to their elementary school, when they could easily walk.

Look at the maps and you will see how the White plan makes the least logistical sense for most of Woodbury.

Change doesn't have to be negative and children are more resilient than we give them credit for. We need to bypass the path of least resistance and look toward the future of our wonderful growing community.

The Red and Blue Plans most closely meet the guiding principles set forth by the school district, while hopefully minimizing future changes.

Kristin Urbanz