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Letter: Got wind?

A wind generator is a nice idea, but I hope the school board spends enough time to learn if there is an adequate supply of wind to make it feasible.

The Bulletin's opinion piece of Feb. 6 (Our View: Wind turbine would offer a tangible lesson) makes it sound like all you've got to do is build it and the wind will come, but has anyone taken the measurements to learn what the average daily wind speed is?

If you thought it was hard to pass a bond issue before, just wait until the anti-tax folks start screaming about the $2 million turbine that doesn't turn.

It can take two or more years of round the clock monitoring to learn whether a particular site has enough wind to support a turbine. That information is especially useful when determining the optimal size turbine and height, and to calculate the pay-back period.

The department of commerce's web site has wind maps that show the best wind is in western Minnesota, and that the eastern side is only marginal.

I'd love to see a turbine in Woodbury, but the school board needs to do its homework first.

Keith Bogut

Lake Elmo