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Good Feng shui practices

My last two columns were about Feng shui and using Feng shui to clear clutter. In this column I will share with you some commonly known Feng shui practices that are considered to be good ones.

Make the front entrance to your house or workplace well lit, clean and welcoming to create a good first impression and bring in positive energy.

In Feng shui, the front entrance is called the "Mouth of Chi." It is one of the most important areas in the house or space. It is through the Mouth of Chi that opportunities and blessings come to you.

Don't keep clutter wedged behind the door that prevents it from opening fully. Clutter obstructs the smooth flow of life-bringing energy through your home. When you remove clutter, the energy flows more smoothly and so does your life.

Ideally, your view from your house and window should not be blocked by a tall building or wall. Otherwise you feel blocked and depressed, mentally and emotionally.

In an office environment, all of the electronic equipment and most of the modern office furniture produces a lot of "yang" energy.

When a workspace is out of balance by having too much yang energy, it can cause stress and fatigue, increasing frustration and impatience while decreasing attention spans.

You need softening yin energy to balance the yang forces. Bring in some plants to soften the space and lift up your spirit. Plants can also help absorb noisy sound from the electronic equipment.

Avoid locations that have either too fast or not enough energy flow, such as houses near a freeway or at a dead end. Buildings located directly facing straight roads, such as at the top of a T-junction or at the top of a cul-de-sac are not desirable.

Oncoming traffic and headlights aimed at your building constantly send cutting chi straight toward you.

Hang a wind chime, place a fountain or create a pond near the front entrance to counteract negative energy.

Avoid building houses in front of cemeteries, hospitals, and mortuaries.

Don't sit with your back to the door. Your desk should face the entrance. You should be able to see who is coming into your space. Having your back face the door can make you feel vulnerable.

Facing the entrance allows you to anticipate what's going to happen. You will be able to see what's coming instead of being surprised.

Don't keep a dirty laundry basket in the bedroom. Stale energy hangs around dirty laundry which can affect your sleep and your love life.

Don't start a new marriage in a house where either one of the partners has had a bad relationship.

You should not sleep with your head pointed towards the door of the bedroom because this creates a feeling of uneasiness about who might be entering the room.

Keep tops of tables simple and clutter free. Avoid over-decorating tables with objects and clutter. Those objects represent piles of stress and bad luck you could or will be carrying. You should be able to sit at a table and have an open view in front of you.

Use objects that have the power of redirecting, reflecting or shifting energy in a space. These include mirrors, crystals, wind chimes and flowing water.

Good Chi grows with plants. Plants and flowers generate positive and vibrant Chi. Place healthy or blooming plants by the front door and in your house to make the space feel attractive.

Dry and dead flower arrangements represent dead Chi. Dying plants and flowers are worse than no plants or flowers at all. They drain energy from the space and should be removed.

Use natural sunlight, lighting fixtures, candles, fireplaces or other objects that illuminate, such as crystals and mirrors, to light up a space and your life. Lights can raise good Chi.

Gentle and soft sounds can raise Chi and make a space feel calmer and more pleasant. The gentle sound of music, the sound of moving water and wind chimes can create a pleasant, relaxed feeling.

Add a water feature such as an aquarium or a desktop fountain or waterfall to your environment. Gentle, moving water generates positive energy, lifts up your spirit and has a calming effect. Flowing water symbolizes flowing Chi and money flowing to you. That's why most Chinese restaurants have aquariums.

These are just some examples of good Feng shui practices.

I hope you have learned something new and interesting through my recent columns on Feng shui.

If you feel inspired and want to put some ideas into practice to bring harmony and balance into your home and work life, but need a little guidance and help, you can consult a Feng shui practitioner. A Feng Shui practitioner can help you discover the changes that are appropriate for you, your home, and your life situation.

In my next column I will interview Caroline Lehman, a Feng shui practitioner in Woodbury. We will find out what she can do for you.