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Woodbury approves more money for study of Afton pond

The city of Woodbury is asking for more study of the impact of stormwater runoff on Fahlstrom Pond in Afton.

Council members approved allocation of $4,621 for Woodbury's share of the study's second phase. Afton would pay about $2,300 for the extra study, according to the agreement between the two cities and the Valley Branch Watershed District. Afton has already approved the expenditure.

Woodbury and Afton agreed in March of 2002 to split the cost of a study to be done by the district. At the time, Afton was worried about negative effects from extensive development on Woodbury's east border.

Now, Woodbury says it is still worried that it could be held liable if flooding in the area occurs. Woodbury wants more information to access whether drainage easements or stormwater lift stations are needed.

With large pieces of land in eastern Woodbury being developed, the amount of stormwater going into Afton will likely increase.

It was thought, before the 2002 study, that much of the runoff from Woodbury could flow into Fahlstrom Pond. If that happened, there was a potential for flooding of some homes located near the pond. In addition, water from the pond could eventually travel into the Valley Creek trout stream, one of Afton's most protected natural assets.

The 2002 study, which cost Woodbury about $23,400 and Afton $11,700, found that the risk to homes around Fahlstrom pond was the same now as it would be when Woodbury is fully developed, according to Woodbury.

The district's study also ruled out any stormwater runoff effects on Valley Creek, according to Woodbury.

Woodbury requested that the watershed district provide more maps, more extensive flood elevation predictions and analysis of future stormwater runoff.