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City Council approves Woodbury Lakes theater

Ramco-Gershenson is planning to build a nine-screen movie theater with a restaurant and bar at Woodbury Lakes. Rendering by Ramco-Gershenson

A new Woodbury movie theater is slated to open early next summer following unanimous City Council approval May 31.

Ramco-Gershenson, the project's developer, plans to start construction on the project in the northwest corner of the Woodbury Lakes site in july.

Plans for the nine-screen theater feature a bar, restaurant and outdoor patio.

Ed Eickhoff, senior vice president of development with Ramco-Gershenson, said the firm is working with a retailer to fill a 20,000 square-foot unoccupied space within the development.

Construction also will include 280 additional parking spots, about one spot for every three seats in the 945-seat theater.

Although the project received unanimous Planning Commission approval May 1, some commissioners cited concerns about foot traffic in their recommendation to add a sidewalk through the proposed theater's northern parking lot.

"It is truly the goal for this to be a more walkable, pedestrian-friendly experiential development for the eastern cities near Minneapolis when this is completed," Eickhoff said. "We are putting in a lot of time and energy to accomplish that."

Eickhoff said the company is finishing physical construction drawings, which will be submitted for a building permit.

Construction on common areas such as roadways on the site is scheduled to start in early-July. Construction on the theater will start shortly after.