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Woodbury Community Foundation seeks full-time director

The Woodbury Community Foundation has come a long way from its humble roots when it first started in 2003 under the name Friends of Woodbury.

Now the nonprofit is seeking a full-time executive director to continue its growth.

Claudia Millington, the foundation's governing board chairwoman, said in a recent statement that hiring a full-time director will allow the non-profit to continue to grow.

"A full-time Executive Director will help us move the Foundation to the next level, and help us continue to make Woodbury a great place to live and work, now and in the future," she said.

A job description for the director's role is listed on the foundation's website.

The foundation focuses on philanthropy, community leadership and support, and identifying future community needs. Those priorities have aided in supporting programs, such as the Woodbury Citizens' Academy, Youth Leadership Development, and Business Education Partnership.

In 2014, the organization contracted with Jeff Prottas to serve as a part-time director. But Millington said the group is ready to enlist a full-time member.

Still, she said Prottas "provided important interim support as we redefined our strategic focus areas and reorganized our volunteer committee structure to address those priorities."

This year, the Foundation has also partnered with the City of Woodbury and other community groups who hosted the city's 50th Anniversary Celebration.

The Community Foundation also partners with more than 40 community organizations that have helped bring Woodbury THRIVES to life. The grassroots effort focuses on health and well-being in Woodbury.

Those interested in applying for foundation's executive director position can contact Roger Green at 651-357-8080 or