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Big Frog looks to put its stamp on Woodbury T-shirt market

Oakdale resident Eric Morley is getting ready to open Big Frog at City Centre East in Woodbury. (Staff photo by Riham Feshir)

Eric Morley’s newest store is not even open yet and has already taken orders.

The Big Frog owner has been busy printing T-shirts for a drumline group, inferno equipment crew, holiday announcements and big New Year’s Eve plans.

The new colorful T-shirt shop will open in the City Centre East mall later this month, making it the third in the Twin Cities metro area.

Morley, a St. Paul native and Oakdale resident, began looking for franchise opportunities when he left his corporate job of 25 years.

Morley said he was attracted to Big Frog because it’s unique and wasn’t available in the east metro.

The store is set up with two design centers and two graphic designers who will be on site to help customers bring their ideas to life.

“If you can print it on a printer, we can print it on a T-shirt,” Morley said.

The franchise started out in Florida, which explains the tropical feel of the retailer accented with a “color wall” that displays most of the inventory.

Big Frog prides itself on printing T-shirts, sweatshirts and dress shirts bonded right into the cotton so it doesn’t produce a thick sticky feel.

The printer is located at the store, which provides convenience for Morley and customers seeking quick turnaround time.

“We can do just one if somebody wants just one,” he said. “We like to do the smaller quantity stuff because we can do it one at a time.”

In fact, just before New Year’s Eve he had a customer whose neighbors called “The Big Stud of the Neighborhood” so he designed a shirt displaying his street sign and a wooden post below it to wear to their annual holiday party.

“And he was ‘The Big Stud,’” Morley said.

The Tartan High School drumline was also looking for a way to identify its team. The group sought Big Frog’s help to design their own logo with the names of all the drummers on the back.

“We love when customers have those ideas and we can print them,” Morley said.

One other memorable T-shirt he recently printed was a woman’s ultrasound as a pregnancy announcement.

“We were able to scan it and print it on a T-shirt so she had the ultrasound picture for her family,” he said.

Although the store is equipped with T-shirts ranging from infant sizes to extra larges neatly folded all around the perimeter, Morley said special orders can be made as well.

Big Frog will open Jan. 28.

Riham Feshir
Riham Feshir is a reporter and photographer for the Woodbury Bulletin. Her coverage includes Woodbury City Hall, Washington County Board of Commissioners and business news.  Follow Riham on Twitter @RihamFeshir for the latest updates.