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Oak Park woman arrested in Stillwater egg throwing

Recipe for an anger omelet: Add one-part resentment towards former in-laws, two-parts anger toward former employers, and several cartons of eggs. Simmer. Serve cold at high velocity.

A 42-year-old Oak Park Heights woman appeared to have perfected this recipe last month, when she allegedly pelted a small number of Stillwater properties with dozens of eggs over a two-week period.

Some properties were hit more than once and the aftermath left Stillwater Police investigators feeling poached.

"It didn't necessarily look like kids doing it; it was more like a vengeance thing," said Sgt. Jeff Magler. "Usually, kids throw a couple of eggs and they're on their way, but in these cases, the places were really tagged, as if someone was standing in place and throwing several, sometimes up to a whole carton, of eggs."

Investigators unscrambled the mystery after interviewing the victims, each of whom had bad experiences with the woman. When police questioned her, she confessed to as many as eight egg-throwing incidents between Dec. 6 and Dec. 20, including:

  • on separate occasions, a residence and a vehicle on the 700 block of Willard Street,
  • twice, at the St. Croix Daycare & Preschool building at 111 Orleans St. E.,
  • twice, at the RE/MAX Resources building at 1835 Northwestern Ave. S., and
  • once, at The Eckberg, Lammers, law office at 1809 Northwestern Ave. S.

    More information was unavailable as the case remains under investigation. However, Magler said the police department will likely pursue misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct against the woman, as well as pursue restitution for property damage estimated at fewer than $500.

    "There was not a lot of damage, but there was a lot of mess," Magler said.

    Among the eight victims identified so far were what he described as former friends, in-laws and employers.

    "She had some personal issues with the victims, and she was venting her frustrations," Magler said. "The unusual thing about this is we don't usually have many adults involved in eggings."

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