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Lawmakers oppose abortion, cloning

Republicans have introduced bills that would ban abortions designed to select a sex of a child and forbid human cloning.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life supports the efforts.

"Minnesotans shake their heads in disbelief when they learn that an unborn child can be killed in Minnesota solely because of his or her sex," said MCCL Executive Director Scott Fischbach.

"They are also shocked to discover that the University of Minnesota is seeking to create new human beings by cloning and harvest their stem cells, destroying them in the process."

MCCL reports that a California company can verify the gender of a baby as early as seven weeks after conception. The anti-abortion group says that has led to more abortions based on the baby's gender.

"This legislation protects the rights of unborn babies from the bizarre yet real practice of sex-selection abortion," Fischbach said.