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Golden retriever shot and left for dead is now heading home

MINNEAPOLIS - The golden retriever that was shot and left for dead in a snowbank near Glenwood in west central Minnesota will be going home in time for Christmas.

The 2-year-old dog now named Orphan Annie has made a remarkable recovery and will be released from the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Joan Barnes, a volunteer with the golden retriever rescue group, says Annie's medical issues aren't over, however.

The dog has pneumonia and may need a blood transfusion down the road, but her two bullet wounds are healing and she has a healthy appetite.

The good Samaritan brought Annie to a local animal shelter. From there she was sent to the University of Minnesota.

Barnes says that when Annie is released, she will go to a foster home for several months as she recovers. After that, there is a growing list of people who want to adopt her.

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Donations for the dog's medical care are being accepted by Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota at