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Results in for online poll of Top 10 hottest lawmakers

The election results are in.

No, they are not from a political race, but from an online poll of the sexiest Minnesota Capitol dwellers.

The Rake, an online magazine, accepted nominations for "the most beautiful, spectacular and otherwise hot people who labor at the Capitol."

Five men and five women -- lobbyists, legislative staffers, a lawmaker and even press corps members -- made the cut. They took part in a photo shoot featured on The Rake's Web site as they vie for "king and queen of Minnesota politics."

There were plenty of nominations -- and a few people unhappy with the results. Consider this snippet from an online post by "AL": "True to the 'old boys club' mentality that has been a part of the Capitol scene for so many years, it is not surprising that the girls are mostly in their 20s, wearing mini-skirts, CFM heels or boots while the men are older, and wearing suits.

State Capitol reporter Scott Wente contributed to this report.