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Republicans gear up for race for 134 House seats

The Minnesota House speaker was out of pocket, so House Majority Leader Tony Sertich of Chisholm was called upon the other day to discuss his party's legislative races.

But while he is a political junkie, he had other things on his mind. After all, it was just days before he got married.

"I have a different list from a different leader," he said when asked a question for which he had no answer.

If the shoe fits ...

Looking down at a gathering of Republican Minnesota state House candidates proved interesting.

Some wore dress shoes. Some wore walking shoes. There even was at least one pair of cowboy boots. And one woman decided to slip off her footwear on a nice, warm day.

It was an unusual array of footwear among candidates, all of whom are donning political running shows for the next five months.

Republican state House candidates gathered on the front Capitol steps, with leader Marty Seifert of Marshall proclaiming that the party will field a candidate for every one of the 134 House seats. Many are first-time candidates.