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Ventura promotes MRI

ST. PAUL - Jesse Ventura rejects media interview requests left and right, but he does show up in a medical commercial.

Minnesota's former governor promotes a non-traditional magnetic resonance imaging device used by a Golden Valley, Minn., firm.

"When my doctor sent me to a stand-up MRI, I couldn't believe the difference," said Ventura, now with no facial hair but long locks in the back of his head. "I would stand in the position where I could feel the pain so the pictures could show what was causing it."

Ventura splits his time between Mexico and his suburban Twin Cities home these days, five years after he left the governor's office. But he won't talk about his four years as Minnesota governor, despite requests from many Minnesota reporters.

That might change next spring, when his next book is due to be released. However, his past modus operandi has been to talk to national media instead of those who covered him closely while in office.