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Waterfowl regulations supplement available online

It will be easy for Minnesota waterfowl hunters won't have to wait to get the latest regulations this year as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has the 2006 waterfowl regulations online now.

The online version includes the waterfowl regulations supplement, with information on special goose hunts, waterfowl limits and season dates.

The regulations are available on the DNR Web site at

DNR officials say a printed version will be available by late August wherever hunting and fishing licenses are sold and at the DNR License Center, 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul.

This year's supplement also contains color illustrations to help hunters identify ducks on the wing as well as shooting tips, license information and general waterfowl regulations.

"With a number of species specific bag limits and seasons, we feel that it's important to give waterfowl hunters better information to help them identify ducks on the wing," said Steve Cordts, DNR waterfowl specialist. "Hunters will also find additional information on waterfowl issues and management."

The supplement contains waterfowl regulation information not available when the 2006 Hunting Regulations Handbook was printed in late July.

Waterfowl hunters must follow all state and federal regulations listed in the 2006 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Handbook.