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Bismarck State College
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You choose your beyond. BSC will help you get there.

beyond begins here.

Beyond is the place you see yourself headed in life. Where it is and how you get there is up to you – but you’re starting in the right place. At Bismarck State College, you can choose from a wider range of options to prepare for a good job in just two years or less – or to start you on the path to nearly unlimited selections of bachelor’s and graduate degrees. It’s a place of endless opportunities for learning and advancing toward a rewarding future.

Your choices here include technical and transfer programs, online courses and collaborative four-year degrees on campus. With all the ways we can connect you with a world of learning, we are a community college with a global reach. So if you know where your “beyond” is – and even if you’re still figuring that out – this is the college to get you there.

Welcome to BSC.