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'Sweet Cheeks' organic baby food made in area

"Sweet Cheeks" baby food, made locally in St. Paul, is composed of all-organic and local (in season) fruits and vegetables. Minnesota-grown organic grains are also incorporated into the baby food and the product is made fresh weekly and sold frozen.

Owner Lori Karis, who has worked in Woodbury as a nanny, has more than 20 years' experience making her own baby food.

She is introducing three levels of food for new eaters.

"Newbies" are single, easily digested fruits and vegetables. "Combos" introduce a bit of texture and a mix of veggies, fruits and grains.

The final level is the "Baby 'role" -- a baby casserole. It's a combination of vegetables simmered, pureed and then combined with grains until chunky.

Sweet Cheeks baby food is available online and is sold weekly at the downtown St. Paul Farmer's Market.

Karis works directly with a small family organic farm in Northfield, as well as with Whole Grain Milling from Welcome, Minn.

Organic baby food ensures that the produce and grains have been grown without pesticides, chemicals or genetic modification.

Karis is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

For more information or online ordering, visit

Karis can be reached at (651) 330-3387.