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Education foundation's sweet taste of success

Fun, festivities, and a lot of food was on hand at the 10th annual Taste of South Washington County extravaganza.

The district-wide get-together in the Woodbury High School cafeteria was declared a roaring success as parents, students and teacher crowded along the tables on Tuesday, May 6.

A total of 20 restaurants and eateries from around Woodbury provided sample tastings for the evening.

Funds raised through ticket sales and a silent auction will go into the South Washington County Schools Education Foundation, which supports staff-initiated programs in all schools across the district.

"It's a very fun event -- it's a community building event, and it's a fun raising event, not fundraising," said Patti Bitney Stark, executive director of the foundation.

"It brings together all of the junior high and elementary school kids. It's the evening where you can really sit down with the principal and have dinner or with your teacher, just as a friend."

Musical entertainment throughout the evening was provided by jazz abnds from Lake, Woodbury and Oltman junior highs and Park and Woodbury high schools.

A similar event was held at Park High School in Cottage Grove earlier in the year.