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Woodbury woman offers technique to 'Melt' away pain

Lewann Babler1 / 2
Woodbury resident Lewann Babler demonstrates one of several techniques she teaches from the Melt Method. Babler will hold classes on the pain-relief method later this month at Central Park. (Submitted photos)2 / 2

Lewann Babler knows a secret.

The Woodbury woman has learned that a little-known element in the human body holds the key to many of the aches and pains people feel. That element – known as connective tissue – can be manipulated to ease those pains, Babler said, through a new technique that she has learned.

And now that she’s trained in the technique, known as the Melt Method, Babler can’t wait to share her secret.

“I’m excited about being able to offer it to people in Woodbury and the Twin Cities,” said Babler, a Roberts, Wis., native who also owns a health-related business in River Falls.

The Melt Method takes aim at connective tissues that wrap the body. Babler compares those tissues to the whitish membrane found on top of oranges after they’ve been peeled. Connective tissue in human bodies was generally overlooked and discarded in cadaver laboratories until recently, she explained.

“But what they’re finding in new science is dehydration in this tissue is what causes the chronic pain,” Babler said.

The Melt Method uses gentle, pain-free rolling therapies to stimulate the passageways within that tissue to rehydrate key points in the body and to rebalance the nervous system.

Babler said the method helps alleviate pain for people suffering from multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and more.

“The list is infinite,” she said.

If it all sounds too good to be true, Babler understands. She first approached the Melt Method as a skeptic.

But after seeing results, she has long since shed the skepticism.

“Come to the class and try it,” Babler said. “You will be amazed.”

Though the technique has been booming on the coasts, Babler is the only person in the Twin Cities area and just one of 10 people in the Midwest offering instruction on the Melt Method .

The biggest benefit to the method, Babler said, is that once it’s learned, people are able to easily administer the treatment to themselves.

“It’s to help yourself – self care,” she said.

Babler makes clear to note that while the Melt Method helps people manage symptoms of ailments, it is not a cure.

Still, she said she’s finding the technique works wonders. Babler is currently 6 months’ pregnant and has been applying the Melt Method throughout her pregnancy.

“It has just been an absolute breeze,” she said.

Babler, who is fully certified as a Melt Method instructor, will be holding training sessions at Central Park.

The 90-minute classes cost $30 and include introductory techniques. The next sessions are set for Feb. 17-18 at Central Park.

Babler also plans to add advanced classes, where clients can learn to administer the technique on themselves. Additional plans call for specialized classes for runners, for yogis and for golfers.

“Everyone can benefit from it,” she said. “It’s no pain, all gain.”

Sessions can be arranged by emailing Babler at To register for a class, visit

More information is available at

Mike Longaecker

Mike Longaecker is the regional public safety reporter for RiverTown Multimedia. His coverage area spans St. Croix and Pierce counties. Longaecker served from 2011-2015 as editor of the Woodbury Bulletin. A University of Wisconsin-River Falls graduate, Longaecker previously reported for the Red Wing Republican Eagle and for the Forum Communications Minnesota Capitol Bureau. You can follow him on Twitter at @Longaecker

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