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One hour at 30 degrees? Grade-school students share their Thanksgiving recipes

How do you make a Thanksgiving dinner? Better yet, how would a kindergartner make a Thanksgiving dinner?

The Bulletin asked Bailey Elementary kindergartners and second-grade students at Royals Oaks Elementary to share their recipes.

Students described what ingredients they would use and the directions to follow when making the dinner.

We've included some of the students' more inventive recipes, which were left in their own words.

Joy Peterson's Kindergarten class:

Hunter: Put in the meat and the ham to make a turkey. Cook it at 90!

Evan: I like carrots, broccoli, grapes, and apples, not turkey!

Dylan: Cook it for 5 minutes!

Liam: Strawberries would be good, and meat. Cook it for 1 minute!

Luke: You need bones and sugar. Clean it in the kitchen, cook it at 30 degrees!

Sophia: Tacos are way better than turkey. Salad with ranch, too!

Leighton: Put the broccoli in the turkey. Cook it at 200 for 8 minutes!

Sasha: You need butter and sugar for a turkey. Cook it for 100 minutes!

Dominic: You will need strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and candy! Cook it for 32 minutes!

Colton: To cook a turkey you need pumpkin, spices, and peppers. Cook it for 2 hours!

Kaylah: Put the corn in the turkey. Cook it "30 hot"!

Idman: You need Jilip (meat from Somalia), cook it at 30 degrees!

Aiden: Turkeys need a bone and fat, so put those in. Cook it for 80 minutes!

Lily: You will need sugar and toast, cook it at 80.

Braydon: Put the hot sauce in it, and a bone in it. Wash it when it's cooked!

Yuni: Jelly would be good, cook it in the oven at 40.

BrandiJo: Put the turkey in a pot on the stove, put corn and pumpkin and bread in the pot.

Maggie: S'mores and chocolate are yummy with it. Cook it for 1,000 minutes.

Josie: Strawberries, raspberries, jelly and marshmallows would be good with a turkey. Cook it at 1 degree for 50 minutes!

Isabella: Sugar and marshmallows sound good. It would be faster if you cooked it in a blender!

Megan Blake's kindergarten class:

Lauryn: Um I would put in the microwave I would um my uncle would shoot the turkey and um then we would put It on a pan and then put it on the dinner table and then eat it.

Ava: Ummmm I would take all of the meat inside it out and then I cook it in the microwave and that then that is it.

Adam: Ummm first we take it out of the package and put it on a turkey thing what it comes in and then we cook it and then we eat it.

Macy: first you cut it open and then you bake it ummm and then you eat it.

Alex: in a oven

Max: put it in the oven then I would take it out and then I would eat it.

Brendan: I would bake in the oven and then I would get a frying pan and I would flip it over and that is how I would do it.

Elise: I would cook it and then I would wait for it to cool off and then I would eat it.

Alex: Put it in the oven umm eat it.

Connor: Umm my dad would shoot it and he would cut it and bring some of it home for dinner.

Leslie: Ummm first my dad would catch a turkey and we would cut it up and put it in a big pot to cook it and eat it.

Santana: Cut it open make it and eat it

Zach: Put the turkey in the pan and cook it and when it is done you cut it and we eat it.

Bradley: Get the turkey from Target and then we cook it in the oven.

Mitchel: Umm I think we cook it up probably with the oven umm then I think we eat it.

Audrey: We put it in the micro wave then we put it in the oven then we eat it.

Ori: um you just catch a bird like a chicken or something like that and then you just the chicken lays eggs and then you take the turkey you take all of the eggs and then you cook the eggs and you take the chicken bone off and then instead of a dog bone and you can take the beak of the turkey and give it to the dog and then you cook the turkey right away and the chicken says book book and then it goes out and then when the chicken.

Lili: I would roast it first and then I would put milk and then I will put some meat and then I will some sugar, flour, and then I will put some eggs and then I will put um some carrots and then I will just let it sit there for a little while and then I will cook it umm when it is done let it sit for a little while so it can cool off and eat it.

Kamden: like you get it from the store or something and then I probably put it in the oven to get in the oven to get it baked for a little and then I would put it in the microwave to get it a little warmer and then I would probably eat it.

Betsy Hoel's kindergarten class:

Adleigh: I will take it out and stuff it and baste it. Put juice on it.

Then I put it in the oven. Maybe for 14 seconds. Make the oven as hot as

things are when it just comes right out of the oven. Take it out. Put it

on a plate. Then you take it over to the table.

Brett: Put it in the oven. Don't take the wrapper off. Make the oven

a little hot. Leave it in there for one. Take it out. Eat it.

Chloe: I would put pancakes in there and put some flour in there, too.

And put some water in there. Put apple juice on it. Put milk in the

bowl. Then it's all done. Put it in the oven 10 minutes hot. Leave it in

for like one minute. Then you eat it.

Ellie: I would get a box of band-aids so I wouldn't get cut. Take it

out. Pluck the feathers. Cut it and serve it and I would cook it in the

oven and I'm not sure. Maybe fore 15 minutes. Serve it and put some

salt on it.

Gabriel: First, you put it in a pot, I think or a pan. Then you catch it

first. Then you roast it I think. Then I think you baste it. Oh ya, you

have to make it hot. Set the roaster to a warm heat. I think for 10 or 12

minutes. Then you take it out. Put the stuff that's inside on it. Then

you eat it I think.

Gavin: Hmm, I couldn't remember. I would have to take off the

wrapper. Then I would put it in the oven. Make it at 23 degrees. Then

I would take it out after about 13 minutes. Then put on the basting, I

mean, the juice. You know the kind of juice that we do on the song we

sing. And then, I would stuff it. And then I would taste it.

Hayden: You have to make it. Cut it into pieces. I don't think we put

anything on it. We put it on a plate. Put it in the oven. It should be 140

how hot it is. Put it in there for 10 minutes or 20. Then we eat it.

Isabelle: Take it out of the bag. Put nothing on it and put it in the

oven. Make sure it's warm. Leave it there for two minutes. Take it

out. Let it cool off. Eat it.

James: I'm gonna make it. First I paste it. And then spread it with a

musher. Then put it in the oven when its super-dy duper hot, until you

need gloves. Leave it in there for one minutes. Then, I paste it with

glue, a really special glue. Then, I taste.

Justin: Cut it. Stuff it with grapes, then balloons. Put it in the

stove when it's a little bit hot. Make it stay there for 15 minutes. Eat


Kai: Put some turkey juice on it. Put it in the oven when it's medium

hot. Just set the turkey right in there. Leave it in there for 36 hours.

Then, let it cool off. Don't put anything on it. Then, you eat it.

Kate: Take it out of the plastic bag. Put it in the oven for five

seconds. Eat it.

Luca: I would make it into chicken pie. I would put some spice in it and

mix it up and put it in the oven and everyone likes to eat chicken pie! I

put some sprinkles on it and candles for my birthday and put it in a car

to bring it to grandma's house for everyone to see. And get a party hat

and some presents an eat it all. That's all!

Nadia: Cut it's head off. Then, you would baste it. Let me think. Put

cheese on it and sauce on it. I think everything tastes good with a little

ketchup! I would put a couple water, too. Put it in the oven. It has to

be really hot. Leave it for 99 minutes. Then I would taste it!

Natalia: I think you put it in the oven or I don't know. Put some salad

on it and some pepper. Oh, and some salt, too. Um microwave? I don't

know. Like five minutes or 30 minutes in it. Put it on the table and

then let it cool.

Reagan: Take off the wrap. Baste it with the juice. Put it in the

really hot oven. Leave it there for a long time. Then, take it out of

the oven. Cool it off a little. Baste it two times. Then, you eat it.

Yunha: Put it in a pan. Put fire under the pan. Put spice on it. Put

some chocolate on it too. That's good! Make it hot for 24. Then, its

finished. Eat it!

Royal Oaks second graders


Ingredients: Vegedles, leus, celery, and mabye some tomatetos, bread crums, mashed pataeos (butter), the real stuffing that goes in turkeys, maybe some fruit and turkey.

Directions: First you will cook it for 400 degrees. Take skin and feathers off. Put Turkey in oven. Set the tabel. Set out name tags. Greet peopel. Set drinks out. Take the Turkey out of the oven. Cut Turkey. Serve the Turkey to the peopel that came.


Ingredients: Salt and peper, corn, carit and masht butatos, bread crums and crootons

Directions: Take off the wrapping and throw it away next put the stuffing in a bowl then put it in the turkey next. Put it in the oven for 1 hour at 30 degrees.


Ingredients: Salt, mash btatos, some pepper.

Directions: Put in some salt mash some btatos in to the turky. Put peppe for stufing. Take off the wrapping paper and thro it in the gorbig. Put in some spises like pepper, hot pepper but not to hot that you will brne your mothe. Then put it in the oven for and hour and put the dagres for 100. Then let it cool then you got your self a good turkey.


Ingredients: Gorlik, solt, peper, bread croms, rasins, spinig apple.

Directions: Pot the turkey in the stov then tack it out wene it is redy then pot it at the tabel now kut it up in to peses then you well eat it for diner the dgres well be 90. You haf to set it at the rit time if you don't it well be fozin ... and it wont tas to good.


Ingredients: Mash potatos, salt, bread, crumes, crutons, corn, carrots.

Directions: Take off skin and feathers. Stuff the Turkey with stuffing, mash potatos, salt, bread crumes, crutons, and chop up the carrots in the bolw and a little bit of corn in the bolw and the rest goes in the Turkey. Then put the Turkey in the oven for one hour and the tempurchur will be 50 degrees.


Ingredients: Bread, crumes, croutons, mash potatos, salt, corn, onios, pepper, cramberrss, mashed crakers, soup.

Directions: First take of the fetthers and the skin then put the soup in and the mash potatos then put the corn and courtons, then put the mashed crakers then the oinons, the salt and pepper then the cramberrys and bread crumms and heat it up 500 degrees.


Ingredients: Bread crums, corn, fake leaves, salt, peper, tomates, hunted turkey.

Directions: Cut open the top of the turkey. Take all the feathers out of it. Put the turkey on a plate. Put all the fake leaves around the turkey. Put the corn in the turkey with the salt and pepper. Put the tomates with the fake leaves. Last, put in the bread crums. Put the turkey in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.


Ingredients: A turkey, some seasoning, bread crumbs, salt and piper, chips.

Directions: Tace out the turkey and stuf it with breadcrumbs. Get the chips and put it in the grel for 45 minutes.


Ingredients: Solt, putatose, carits, a turkey.

Directions: Pull out the fethers. Skin the turkey. Cut the carits. Crush the putatose. Stuff the turkey with putatos, carits, solt. Leve the turkey in the avin for a ower at 50 degrees.


Ingredients: Get a stor bot Turkey, crotons, then mash batatos, three cracers.

Directions: Unrap the Turkey, put it I on a plat put som mash batatos and all the crotons, three cracers then cook it for two houes at 30 degrees.


Ingredients: Mashed Patatoes, stuffing, veggies, and grapes, salad and egg yoke.

Directions: Take the turkery out of the wraper. Then put the turkey on the tray. Put the turkey in the oven and heat it up at 500 degrees. Keep the turkey in there for two hours. When you are done cooking it fill it with stuffing, grapes, mashed patatoes and veggies. Put a berrier around it with salad and dressing. At the end, sprinkle egg yoke on top. That is your Thanksgiving turkey dinner!

By Lydia

Ingredients: Peas, bread crumbs, carots, salt, pepper, turkey

Directions: If you hunted your turkey take of the skin and feathers, but if you bought yours just take of the plastic. Mix the peas, bread crumbs, carrots, salt and pepper in a bowl. Season the Turkey with salt and pepper. Cut open the turkey and fill it with the stuffing mix. Put the turkey on a baking sheet to catch drips, and put it in the oven a 400 degrees farinhight for two hours.

By Carlos

Ingredients: Solt, corn, vejes, stuffing

Directions: First take oof the wrapper. Then put it in the ufen. Then put the timre for one hour. Then eat the Turkey. Put the corn and vegetables and solt and stuffing to.

By Brady

Ingredients: Turkey, mash potatos, salt, vegtables

Directions: take skin and fethers off, mix mash potatos salt and vegtables together. Stuff the turkey with the mash potatos, salt and vegetables. Cook in oven at 350 degrees for one hour.

By Emma

Ingredients: Mashed potatos, pepper, salt, corn, croutons, bread crumbs, onins, soup.

Directions: Take the plastic off the turkey put the soup in first now you put the croutons and bread crumbs in next you put in the mashed potatos next you cut up the onin and put it in now you cut up the corn and put it in the turkey now you put the salt and pepper in the turkey and put it in the oven for 100 degrees.

By Thomas

Ingredients: Salt, peper, breadcrums, turkey, potato suffing.

Directions: First take the turkey and take off the wraper and throw it away, next put the potato suffing in the turkey, nxet put the salt, peper and breadcrums on the outside of the turkey then put the temperter to 90 degrees for 50 minutes.

By Caitlin

Ingredients: Three packages of patatos, a little bit of salt and pepper, and some veggies.

Directions: Take off the wraping paper put in the patatos in the turkey then put in the salt and pepper then put in the veggies. Put the turkey in the oven for 40 minites (temptcher 60 degrees). Take out the turkey and let it cool for six minites then it is ready to eat.

By Seyi

Ingredients: Garlic, peper, sesining, salt, some vechtibels.

Directions: Buy the turkey take the wrapper off. Ade some garlic. Some pepper and a little bit of sesining. Ade some salt and vechetables. Put the turkey in the ovin for abuute one hour and 400 digrese.

By Mason

Ingredients: corn, crewtons, salt, pepper, potatoes, butter, bread crums, celery, carrots, letus, spice, meat, green beans, peas, peppers

Directions: Take off skin and feathers, mash up carrots and celery and peppers in a bowl. Mix the peas and meat with vegtables in bowl. Then add bred crums and crewtons in bowl. Then put butter on potatoes and put in bowl. Then put spice and meat in bowl. Then put salt, pepper, corn and lutus in bowl. Then cook for one hour at 400 degrees.