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Gumballs, chocolate, hot sauce: Woodbury 2nd graders offer up Thanksgiving recipes

The Woodbury Bulletin asked Royal Oaks Elementary second graders to share their best turkey recipes, complete with ingredients and directions. 

Some of the most inventive recipes, in the students’ own words, are included on this page. Bon appetit. 

- First, hunt a turkey. Next, cut your turkey’s head and legs off. Do not cut the fethers off. Next, put your turkey on a pane and cut a small hole in the senter. Put mashed patadows in the hole. Next, put carits all around it. Just don’t put them on the fethers. Next, put gravie all over your turkey. Next put mashmellows on the tail. Put in the hole bage. Next heet your oven to 1,000 degrees. When you’re oven beeps, put your turkey in. Last cook it for an hour. Then eat your turkey. – Alyssa

- First put stuffing in a dead turkey. Preheat oven to 600 degrees then put hot souce on it with BBQ. Next, put the turkey in a oven for one hour and wait. Then you put more hot souce on it. Put brown sugar on it to make it taste good. Last that’s how to make a perfect turkey for thanksgiving. – Luke

- First I put gravy in my turkey. Next I put it in the oven. Last I eat it. – Ella

- First you spray a gray pan with greas. Next you put the turkey on the pan. Next you put the turkey in the oven for 10 minutes. Then you put a pinch of barbacu sas on. Last you can injoy it with mashbatataos with gravey. – Payten

- First you hunt a turkey. Next you cut his head off. Then you give him a bath. Next you put him in the oven. Turn the ove up to 242 degrees. Leave the turkey in the oven for one ouer. Then take the turkey out of the oven. Next you put him on a big plate. Last you eat him. – Nick

- First gen a turnkey at Walmart. Next tak out the bons with a knife. Next add ½ cups of chocklet and two pineapples on it. Next put it in a big huge pan. Next put it in the oven for one ower. Next take it out of the over. Next put it on a big huge plat. Last, but it ap and serve it to everyone. – William

- First preheat your oven to 400 degrees and put the turkey into your oven and set your oven for 20 to 28 min. Next steme some vechibols and put them in with the turkey and backe for 5 more min. Next take enny cind of seesening and take a pinch of it and open the oven. Take the turkey out of the oven and put the secening on the turkey. Next put 20 hand fouls of candy and gumballs in the turkey. Next take the turkey and stuff him up and dress him up. Last you get to eat him for Thanksgiving.  – Mikayla

- First slics the turkey up. Next you put graps. Next you need a lot of these frits in a big basket next you cook it for 100 degrees. Last you eat it. – Alex

1. Kill a turkey

2. Shread off feathers

3. Chop off head. If you want put on some hot sause or some gravy or some super spicy hot sause.

4. Put oven degreise to 352.

5. Shove turkey in oven

6. Cook turkey for 22 minutes

7. After cooking is done, put timer on for 19 minutes tocool off.

8. Then enjoy – Edward

- First you shoot a turkey. Ext you cut the inside of the turkey so you don’t eat a heart. You ut it in the oven for 20 minuetes. Take the feathers off. The temp is 69. Put it in a pan. Then you take it out. It shud be fresh so you can eat it and cut it into pieces. Now you  have to measure the turkey to make it 12 inches. – Krolos

- Ingreedints and tools – a turkey, 5 cups of stuffing, pan, oven, knife & parent supervison !!!

1st buy a turkey at your local grocrie store. Next with AN ADULT cut open the turkey & pour in all of the stuffing. Then put the turkey in a pan and cook it for 2 and 200. 4th check the temutre with the thermometer. After that have an adult cut the turkey. Finily serve the turkey – Ian

- First, you buy a turkey at a store like: Walmart, Cub Foods or Target, Remeber when you get home put it in the miker wave. Any temp is fine. Then if you have the ingredents get them. The ingredents are: milk, salt & pepper, oil and have a knife just in case. After, you put it in the oven and put the temp to: 170 ° F. And remember to set  the time to a hour or 2 hours. When the timer goes off take a thrmoniter and tick in the turkey. If it looks right its good. If it it does not look right cook it for 3 more minets. Then its probley done. Finilly you get to chose the topings. Put the topings on. Then eat and enjoy. Caution don’t cook to long. – Gabby

- First take a turkey out of the refrigerator. Next we will dress the turkey with ice cream. Last we will cook it in the oven and will cook it for 2 hours. – Justin

- First, you buy a turkey, and a oven, sink for water, and a plate. Next, step you need to take out the bag of turkey and put in the sink to wash it with water. After that, when your done you take it out and put it in the oven and wait for 1 an hour. Finally, when one hour is done then you take it out and put it in the plate and cut it out. Last think, you can use your fingers to eat it or you can take out the bones and eat with a fork. One more think to do is, to enjoy your yummy turkey and when your done eating it you can cleir the bakeings up and can do anything you want to do. That’s all. – Lili

- You go to the store buy a turkey. Then go home tern the oven on to 150 degrees. Then put the turkey on a roasting pan. Wait 1 to two hours and you finish. You can add seasoning or filling. Decorate it if you want to. You can decorate it as a football or a sandwich. You can share it with your family.  – Koewen

- First you buy a turkey then you openit and put it on a tray. You put the oven heat shud be on 250 it shud take one howr. Take the juice and put the juice on the turkey. Shut the oven. Then you put garlick black pepper and pepper. After you season it you take it out and get clear gluvs and rub it and put back in theoven. Last you deckerat it how you want and eat it. – Lucas

- I will go into the forist to get the turkey. Then we clean the turkey. Then we will get the fethers off. We cook theturkey for 22 secens or more. Before that have to tern the oven on. Then we have to put it in a buckit. We are going to pu a toothpick in it. Then we will eat it together. – Carli

- You have to buy it. Take the plastic off. Take out all the bad parts. Put it in a pan and then put it in the oven. Put it in there for a few hours. When you take it out put in some lettus. Then wait for dinner. At dinner you may eat. – Bhanu

- Unwrap the trkey and put the trkey in the ovin for about 3 or 6 minits. Take the trkey out of the ovin and put a flower on it and a lemin drop if you want. Put it on the thanksgiving table and say dinner time. – Audrey

 - First cut the turkey and put gravey and mashed batattos inside the crak. Next put it in the over and let it sit for 20 minutes. Next cover it in 2 spoons of sower cream and 1 spoon full of butter. Next take the head off and put the 2 spoons full of sower cream on agen. Next add a cup of gravy on if you want. Last eat the turkey! – Ashley