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Messy pajama time

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Nestled within the friendly confines of Woodbury's Shawnee Park is an all-purpose room where, with the help of local business Kidscreate Studio, creative juices flow.

Last week, Woodbury Parks and Recreation held a PJ Party Art Camp.

The five attendees, clad in their best slippers and nighties, made clay likenesses of trees and octopuses, as well as construction paper sub sandwiches and turtles, among other projects.

Kidscreate lead teacher Gurayn Sylte encouraged her preschool-aged students to put their own twist on their artwork.

Her goal: "Just say yes to their ideas," she said. "It is really fun to see their interpretations before they get into the mindset of things have to look a certain way. They have so much creativity."

For more information about Kidscreate classes in partnership with parks and recreation, go to