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Challenge yourself at Woodbury Days

Ready to challenge yourself with a scavenger hunt, trivia and jumping jacks?

Without giving away all the clues, Woodbury Days Challenge organizer Elizabeth Owens said this year’s event will feature similar activities to last year’s, but a few twists and turns will keep it fun and exciting.

“All of them a 7-year-old can do, or a 12-year-old or a 40-year-old could do,” she said.

The third annual Woodbury Days Challenge kicks off with registration at 3 p.m. at the Primrose School of Woodbury kids gazebo. Challenges begin at 3:30 p.m. and must conclude by 5:30 p.m.

Teams of two to four, ages 7 and up with a minimum of one adult per team, are able to sign up for the Woodbury Days Challenge.

Once teams check in, they’ll be given a challenge of some sort, whether it’s a light physical challenge, an intellectual trivia or a type of game.

After teams complete their first challenge, they’ll get a clue to go on to the next challenge at a different booth at the business fair.

Once all teams are done, a drawing will take place at 5:30 p.m. for the grand prize of $100 gift card to the Metropolis Water Park in Eau Claire, Wis., as well as a number of other prizes.

The Woodbury Days Challenge draws a number of participants each year, with pre-teens and adults taking advantage of the interactive aspects of the game.

It’s also a chance for visitors to stop by the various booths at the business fair, since that’s where they get their clues to complete the challenges.

“I’m looking forward to this year,“ Owens said. “We have some great businesses that are very active with it.”

It’s required to have at least one adult per team so that it’s possible for all the challenges to be completed, Owens said.

Riham Feshir
Riham Feshir is a reporter and photographer for the Woodbury Bulletin. Her coverage includes Woodbury City Hall, Washington County Board of Commissioners and business news.  Follow Riham on Twitter @RihamFeshir for the latest updates.