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Letters to the Editor for Aug. 5

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Woodbury Bulletin
Letters to the Editor for Aug. 5
Woodbury Minnesota 8420 City Centre Drive 55125

Soldier's mom says thanks

I want to thank you for the outpouring of love and support that was shown to me and my family this past week. When we left the funeral home and began the procession to the church for my son's (Carlos Wilcox) memorial service, we were overwhelmed with pride and a renewed sense of what "community" really means. Thank you.

It would be impossible for me at this time to thank everyone for the many, many blessings that have been bestowed on me and my family this week but there are a few that simply must be publicly acknowledged:

To the United States Army, Sgt. 1st Class Wenzel, Pastor John Magee, the congregation of Light The Way Church and Kok Funeral Home for being there for us in this time of profound sorrow and healing; to our neighboring church, Rose of Sharon, for use of their facility for the luncheon; to several area retailers who helped supply food for the luncheon; to the teachers at Cottage Grove Junior High for their cash donation which helped cover everything in-between; to the Cottage Grove Police Department and the local National Guard.

And last, but not least, to the Patriot Guard for honoring my son and my family, through your dedication to upholding honor.

Charlene Wilcox

Cottage Grove

Pawlenty praise was off base

In his July 22 Viewpoint (Pawlenty has the right stuff in 2012) Steve Lagoon vacuously referred to members of the state Legislature as "little children who couldn't do their jobs".

Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the great fatherly figure he is, while publicly joking about having a hard time getting his wife to copulate with him, is adept at being the "adult in the room" and doing "the tough work of balancing budgets without stiffing Minnesota taxpayers".

News flash, Mr. Lagoon: little children are not supposed to have jobs. They might want to start looking, however, because they are the very ones who will be stiffed with the task of rebuilding this nation.

Mr. Lagoon is living a fairy tale if he thinks there is any kind of "promised land" be it Republican, Democratic, pinko-commie, or Willy Wonka come 2012.

This country is in rough shape fighting two viciously expensive and deadly wars. Social security, health care, climate change, infrastructure improvements and education are all areas severely in need of change that will not be cheap.

It strikes me as comical that Mr. Lagoon thinks Pawlenty's holding his stance on a measly three issues and doing nothing groundbreaking for this state is deemed "largely successful." I guess for him, though, working to deprive women of the right to choose, keeping guns in our cold hands, and withholding money from education and direly-needed infrastructure improvements is just a resounding yes, yes, yes for T-Paw 2012.

I personally will be keeping my vote with President Obama who deals with reality, speaks truthfully about the real problems we face, and actually has the audacity to do something constructive about them.

Charles Nocker


Thanks to Eighmy

Congratulations and good luck to our new editor Hank Long. Also, good luck to former editor Bob Eighmy. He gave many of us a platform to "spout off," and it was appreciated. At one point I remember Mr. Eighmy declaring that he was a Democrat, and maybe some thought he was "too liberal," but I also heard complaints that he was "too conservative." Which probably means that he was doing his job just about right.

Carol Turnbull


A salute to our Red Bull heroes

{editor's note: this poem was written for, and in dedication to, Spc. Daniel Drevnick, Carlos Wilcox and James Wertish}

The bad news shocked us all...

As their names were slowly read...

And the towns where they were from...

Raced quickly through our head!

That's hw we got the message...

For most of us I'd say...

And then we felt the pain and loss...

Which remains with us today!

These men were truly heroes...

And we honor them with pride...

And show to all our enemies...

What we're made of deep inside!

Their "Red Bull" brothers and sisters...

And all their families too...

Know the price they paid...

For the Red, the White, and Blue!

The named of these three heroes...

Will stay fresh in all our hearts...

For many ears to come...

Though it's hard to see them part!

So lets salute them you and I...

As we send them on their way...

And thank them f or their sacrifice...

In our own and special way.

Bob Beskar

Vietnam War Veteran

Cottage Grove