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Letter: Sad statement on speech's reception

opinion Woodbury,Minnesota 55125
Woodbury Bulletin
Letter: Sad statement on speech's reception
Woodbury Minnesota 8420 City Centre Drive 55125

Bethany Dorobiala of Woodbury, who was able to attend the RNC and witness Sarah Palin's speech, felt it was "the most powerful speech I've ever been part of..."

Perhaps she was listening to a different one than I heard on TV.

Most objective observers felt it was mean spirited, cynical and devoid of content of what her vision, or even her running mate's vision, is for for the country.

It is a sad statement when a young person so new to the electoral process thinks a speech that is so negative is a powerful speech.

It makes me even more frightened of the possibility of Sarah Palin being a 72-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency.

Kathryn Berg