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Letter: Looking for ERHS reassurance

I'm responding to (District 833) Superintendent Tom Nelson's Viewpoint last week on East Ridge High School not being the Taj Mahal.

This is more of a request for Tom to add to his response for my children and other children that will not be attending this school.

I love WHS as my older child went there and am looking forward to my second child to attend next year. However, we live on Radio and were the exception area opted out of Lake (which we loved) and the new school.

My child is OK with not going to ERHS for a few reasons but the biggest being her female friends will also be going to WHS.

With this said, she has told me the rumor (there always has to be one right?) is that the school is already being labeled as the haves and the "old" school kids as the have-nots.

Of course, knowing our family financial situation is just plain silly, but it bothers me that there's an "other side of the tracks" stigma in play at least between the kids.

I do know many Cottage Grove parents along with Woodbury would attest as they are not all haves.

The kids are also hearing ERHS will be getting a Starbucks, which as you pointed out the school will be newer to accommodate educational needs not the Taj Mahal.

Can you please reassure the WHS kids what there will or will not be at ERHS so they can calm these rumors down or summer may be a long one?

Penny Johnson