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Letter to the editor: Lillie works toward local solutions

I have known Ted Lillie for more than a decade. As I have been involved in local Chambers of Commerce and with numerous community organizations, Ted is one of those who has showed up whenever a good cause needed support.

He was instrumental in making the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce a united voice for both St. Paul and most of the suburbs in the east metro area. In all these roles, he spoke continuously about finding solutions that benefited the communities he lived and conducted business in. He focused on getting results while being respectful of differing opinions and perspectives on issues.

In his first term as a Minnesota senator representing Woodbury, Ted brought that same approach to bear. The state faced challenging economic times. He worked tirelessly to find ways to address those challenges that garnered the respect of his colleagues and quickly elevated him to respected leadership positions. Behind the scenes, he encouraged all the parties involved in the decade-old dispute involving radiation oncology to develop a compromise that would put the issue to rest. That solution provides the opportunity for radiation oncology services to be located in Woodbury - a cause that HealthEast had championed for three years previously without success.

I respect Ted for his can-do, respectful, inclusive attitude and approach. I am proud to have had him representing Woodbury over the last term, and am thankful that his family needs for a new style of housing made it possible for him to relocate and continue to do so after redistricting. I will be voting for him and encourage others to do so, too.

Roger Green - Woodbury