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Letter: Concerned about Woodbury roads

I had a leak in one of my car's tires so I took it to Tires Plus. As I was driving in the common driveway shared by Tires Plus, Massage Envy, Sati and Woodbury Jewelers, I noticed huge pot holes on the north side of the driveway. What is that about?

They were filled with large gravel, but if someone didn't notice this, they could easily ruin their car.

I inquired about this at Tires Plus and they informed me that the damage has been there for about three years and the common businesses are fighting over who should pay to have it repaired. Tires Plus paid to at least have the gravel put in.

Why can't the common businesses just split the cost of the repairs equally? And, if they won't do it, then the owner of the property should do it and charge the businesses increased rent or whatever to make up the cost.

This is absolutely ridiculous and another indication of how our society refuses to accept responsibility and accountability for things that they should be responsible and accountable for.

The businesses need to take pride in their business and maintain their property.

It's called investing in your future. I sure won't go back to any of those businesses -- it's too risky.

Christa Lane-Larsen