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Legislative biofuel proposals

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Legislative biofuel proposals
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Here are highlights of biofuel proposals at the Capitol:

The Senate wants to:

-- Establish a program to offer cellulosic ethanol and other bioenergy producers a state payment, similar to existing corn-based ethanol producer payments.

-- Provide a bigger incentive for production of ethanol made from grasses.

The House has proposed:

-- Creating a NextGen Energy Board that would recommend where to spend state research dollars for emerging energy and fuel alternatives.

-- Funding local renewable fuels research facility studies.

Bills in both legislative chambers:

-- Fund studies of biofuel production plants on the Bois Forte and White Earth Indian Reservations.

-- Provide funds to the Minnesota Turf Seed Council for native plant research.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is:

-- Supportive of a variety of next generation fuel initiatives, including producer payments and a research oversight board.

-- Backing further corn-based ethanol producer payments while looking at ways to use those funds for new ethanol initiatives when the program ends in 2010.