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Different apples, different harvest times

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Different apples, different harvest times
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Below is a list for the harvest times for the several different varieties of apples that are grown and picked at Afton Apple


Paula Reds: Mid-August to mid-September. Tangy sweet flavor. Softens when cooked.

Zestar: Late August to late September. Tart flavor, light, crisp and juicy.

Red Baron: Early to late September. Rich distinctive flavor.

Estival: Early to late September. Sweet, juicy and crunchy.

McIntosh: Early to late September. Tart, rich flavor.

Sweet 16: Mid-September to late October. Very sweet and very crisp.

Cortland: Mid-September to mid-October. Holds well in salads.

Spartan: Late September to late October. Great for school lunches.

Haralson: Late September to late October. Great for cooking. Keeps well under refrigeration.

Honey Crisp: Crisp, juicy, sweet. Under refrigeration, keeps for several months.

Honey Gold: Late September to mid-October. Crisp, juicy with honey-like flavor. Keeps well but bruises easily.

Regent: Early to late October. Very natural flavor, crisp and juicy. Keeps well under refrigeration.

Connell Red (red fireside): Early to late October. Crisp texture and fine sweet flavor. Keeps well under refrigeration.