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DFL lawmakers to introduce bill on child health care

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Woodbury Bulletin
DFL lawmakers to introduce bill on child health care
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Two Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party lawmakers have introduced a bill to ensure that all children have health insurance.

Democrats say they fear today's budget plan by Gov. Tim Pawlenty will chop funding for such programs.

"We know that the majority of uninsured children in our state already qualify for public programs," commented Sen. Linda Berglin of Minneapolis. "This bill is designed to remove the barriers that are getting in the way of coverage."

The proposal expands the availability of MinnesotaCare for children. MNCare is an insurance program for poor Minnesotans.

"Making sure children can see a doctor when they need to is an economic, social and moral imperative," said Rep. Paul Thissen of Minneapolis. "It is time policymakers and politicians recognized that."