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City announces procedure for water damage claims

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news Woodbury, 55125
Woodbury Minnesota 8420 City Centre Drive 55125

Woodbury officials said property damage claims resulting from water main breaks over the weekend can be submitted to the city.

The city announced options for property owners who sustained damages as a result of the water main breaks. Those people can file claims through the city’s insurance company.


People reporting damage should email with their name, address, phone number and a brief description of the damage, according to a citywide email released Monday. Delays in inspection could be possible if a large number claims are made, the email states.

The city notes that claims will be reviewed individually and that reimbursement is not guaranteed. The email states property owners should clean up water to prevent further damage and make repairs as necessary. Residents are being asked to document damage and repairs.

Other details released Monday include an update to repairs under way:

The intersection at Lake and Courtly roads remains the last of eight broken mains yet to be repaired. That repair should be completed by Tuesday morning, according to the city.