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Crosswinds East Metro Arts and Science students took on the "Hippity Hop" during the school's annual Olympics. Staff photo by Amber Kispert-Smith.

Bringing out their inner 'beast'

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It was a fierce ending to the school year for Crosswinds East Metro Arts and Science School last week.

Crosswinds celebrated the end of the school year July 31 with its annual Olympics event.


The year-round school will have a break from now through the first traditional day of school this fall.

During the Olympics, each of Crosswinds' grade levels, six through 10, competed in a variety of fun competitions including: a water balloon toss, a Hippity Hop race, "King of the Log," building the tallest marshmallow tower, building a house of cards and water relay games.

The different teams were competing for "The Beast," a traveling trophy fashioned from a large animal skull that accompanies the winning grade to their classes next year.

Crosswinds had an uncertain future up until recently, so the mood at this year's Olympics was one of celebration.