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Afton maps out 2011 goals

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Woodbury Bulletin
Afton maps out 2011 goals
Woodbury Minnesota 8420 City Centre Drive 55125

The Afton City Council is working on setting its goals for this year.

During a Jan. 4 City Council work session, council members discussed some of their goals for the coming year.

The goals that the city has identified so far include:

-Manage street reconstruction in a way that meets priority needs in a time and cost-effective manner

- Address sewage treatment needs in the Old Village

- Coordinate the Old Village capital improvements in a way that effectively provides guidance regarding park dedication decisions and conservation easements in PLCD developments

- Be prepared to participate in the earliest stage of the County Road 21 design process

- Create technology committee

- Review industrial zoning ordinances:

- Determine goals for how the industrial district can best benefit the city

- Generate tax base

- Provide quality jobs

- Be compatible with adjacent residential uses

- Limit traffic generation, particularly large trucks

- Consider an interim use ordinance

- Review the ordinances to identify allowed uses that are not compatible with the City's goals

- Uses that generate noise, odors, vibration, truck traffic

- Address flooding in the Old Village area

- Storm water collection system.

- Replacement of the current levee with certified levee.

- Address storm water management needs, particularly in the Old Village area

- Planning to most cost-effectively meet TMDL requirements for drainage into the St. Croix

- Participate in the TMDL stakeholder process to minimize requirements and costs to Afton

- Review the PLCD ordinance to ensure the City retains a high level of discretion in its consideration of PLCD proposals

- Determine the most effective and efficient method of storing and retrieving documents

- Implement the selected method in conjunction with reviewing processes to make them more efficient

- Review GIS mapping -- capabilities and options for implementation

- Have capability in place to enable digitizing new infrastructure in the Old Village area

- Review City Policies

- Review/Update city forms to match updated ordinances/policies

- Consider periodic joint work sessions with the Planning Commission to improve communication, coordination

- Ensure all periodic tasks are n a calendar to ensure timely completion

- Amber Kispert