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Afton airstrip jury trial fails to take off

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The lawsuit against Afton resident Jeffrey Walker and his allegedly illegal airstrip will be stuck on the runway for a bit longer.

A jury trial was set for June 15 at 8:30 a.m., but prior to the trial, Walker's attorney made a motion to be removed from the case. The motion was granted.


It's been almost five years since Walker installed an airstrip on his property at 1022 Indian Trail South in Afton -- a move which Afton officials contend is not permitted by city ordinance.

The case has been in and out of court, with Walker not attending the hearings and the charges being thrown out on previous occasions.

At a trial conducted Feb. 16, the court decided to uphold Afton's case against Walker that the airstrip was in violation of the city's zoning code.

But the charge against Walker for operating an illegal airport and Walker's contention that the Federal Aviation Administration supercedes Afton's zoning code were thrown out.

The jury trial has been rescheduled for August 17 in order to give Walker adequate time to locate a replacement lawyer.