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McRooney's Entertainment's production of "Bully Busters" has Ronald McDonald walk students through how to identify a bully and how to deal with bullying.

Addressing bullying through art

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Addressing bullying through art
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Staying calm in the face of a bully can be a challenging thing for students, but Liberty Ridge Elementary is being proactive in giving its students the tools to deal with bullies.

The school kicked off an anti-bullying poster project on Jan. 13 following an anti-bullying performance.

"Is this a one shot, one day thing or is it something that is constantly present," principal Mike Moore said. "That makes it more powerful, I think."

Big shoes to fill

McRooney Entertainment presented its anti-bullying Show called "Bully Busters."

During the show, Ronald McDonald is in the middle of filming his "Big Red Shoes Show" in front of his live audience, the Liberty Ridge students. For his show, Ronald walks students through how to identify and deal with a bully.

The central theme is the C.A.L.M (cool down, assert yourself, look them in the eye, mean what you say) approach to dealing with bullying

"In general kids need something positive to deal with all of the negative stuff that's happening around them since I think kids don't know how to handle bullying," Liberty Ridge social worker Pam Rickers said. "The show really covered the basics of what happens with kids in a positive and fun way while showing students that they can be proactive.

"But, it's that follow up that is so important."

See the Jan. 19 print edition of the Woodbury Bulletin for the full story.

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