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Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 11:20pm

Sealed Bids will be received by the City of Woodbury, Minnesota, in the City Hall at 8301 Valley Creek Road, until 1:00 p.m., Thursday, September 11, 2014, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud for the furnishing of all labor, materials, and all else necessary for the following:
Seven (7) Revise Signal Systems (Flashing Yellow Arrow Modifications) and One (1) Revise EVP System
City of Woodbury, Minnesota - City Project No. 136-151b
SEH No. WOODB 128204
In general, work consists of the following approximate quantities:
Modifications to seven (7) existing traffic signal systems along Bielenberg Drive, Hudson Road, Tamarack Road, and Woodlane Drive to revise left turn signal operations to flashing yellow arrow operation and complete other miscellaneous modifications. Modifications to one (1) existing Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) system at the intersection of Tamarack Road and Landau Drive/Tamberwood Trail.
Digital copies of the Bidding Documents are available at for a fee of $xx.00. These documents may be downloaded by selecting this project from the BIDDING DOCUMENTS link and by entering eBidDoc Number 3496099 on the SEARCH PROJECTS page. For assistance and free membership registration, contact QuestCDN at 952.233.1632 or
Paper copies of the Bidding Documents may be obtained from Docunet Corp. located at 2435 Xenium Lane North, Plymouth, MN 55441 (763.475.9600) for a fee of $65.00.
Bidding Documents may also be seen at the office of the City of Woodbury Public Works/Engineering Department and at the Issuing Office of Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (3535 Vadnais Center Drive, St. Paul, MN 55110-5196, telephone 651.490.2000).
The City of Woodbury has adopted a standard document entitled "Standard Project Manual for Utility and Street Construction", dated February 8, 2014, which includes the Procurement and Contracting Requirements and Specifications which are herby incorporated into the Bidding Documents. Bidders are required to obtain a copy of this standard document once per year. An electronic copy may be obtained for no charge from the City of Woodbury website at the following link:
Direct inquiries to Engineer\'s Project Manager (John M. Gray, PE, Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc.) at telephone number 651.490.2073 or by email at
Bid Security in the amount of 5 percent of the amount of the Bid must accompany each Bid in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.
The Contractor shall be made aware and consider with their bids on this project that the project includes a Base Bid and an Alternate Bid by the Contractor. The Base Bid includes all materials, electrical equipment and labor for all bid items related to the revision of in-place signal systems "A" through "F" and the revision of EVP System "A" as noted in the Plans and in these Special Provisions. The Alternate Bid includes all materials, electrical equipment, and labor necessary to complete the revisions to in-place signal system "G" as noted in the Plans and in these Special Provisions.
The City of Woodbury shall have the discretion to accept or reject a bid for the installation of all Base Bid items only; or the City may also accept or reject a bid for the Alternate Bid item.
The City of Woodbury will not accept bids from separate Contractors to complete the Base Bid and Alternate Bid work separately (one Contractor will be selected for either the Base Bid only, or the Base Bid and the Alternate Bid).
The City of Woodbury, at their sole discretion, shall award all or portions of the project. If a contract is to be awarded by the City for this project, the award will be based on the adding or deleting of revised signal system modifications in order for the City to stay within the set budget the City has for this project. Based on bid costs and available funds, the City will evaluate the award of this project on a per intersection basis, with the final bids being evaluated for award of the overall project in the following order (first listed revised signal system is the top priority intersection for this project, with descending system priority of work listed as follows):
1.Revise System "E" (Woodlane Drive at Wooddale Drive)
2.Revise System "D" (Bielenberg Drive at Currell Boulevard)
3.Revise Signal/EVP System "A" (Tamarack Road at Landau Drive/Tamberwood Trail)
4.Revise System "B" (Tamarack Road at Interlachen Parkway)
5.Revise System "C" (Bielenberg Drive at Tamarack Hills)
6.Revise System "F" (Hudson Road at Tamarack Village/Cabela\'s Drive)
7.Revise System "G" (Tamarack Road at Seasons Pkwy/Tamarack Village)
The Owner reserves the right to retain the deposits of the 3 lowest Bidders for a period not to exceed 60 days after the date and time set for the Opening of Bids. No Bids may be withdrawn for a period of 60 days after the date and time set for the Opening of Bids.
The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all Bids, to waive irregularities and informalities therein, and further reserves the right to award the Contract to the best interests of the Owner.
Clinton P. Gridley, City Administrator
City of Woodbury, Minnesota