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Woodbury seeks pyrotechnics for Fourth of July show

Calling all pyrotechnics, the City of Woodbury needs you.

The city's Parks and Recreation Department is accepting bids for a three-year contract to run the city's Fourth of July fireworks display.

Hosted outside of Bielenberg Sports Center, the event draws more than 20,000 spectators from the surrounding area.

Pyrotechnic Display Inc., a Clear Lake, Minn.-based entertainment company, has run the fireworks for the past three years.

The city has a $45,000 budget for the three-year contract, which is what it has paid in previous years.

Woodbury Recreation Specialist Chris Fleck said the application requires bidders to list references, provide a diagram of the site and carry liability insurance up to $2 million, among other requirements.

"Safety is my No. 1 priority since it is the largest city-sponsored event," Fleck said. "We're definitely looking for a solid product and execution of that product."

Bidders will also undergo a vetting process before being awarded a contract, he said.

The bidding process runs until Sept. 16.

Interested pyrotechnics can bid on the contract on the City of Woodbury website.

The City of Woodbury's Parks and Recreation Department is accepting proposals for a three (3) year contract to provide a pyrotechnic fireworks display for the city's Fourth of July celebration. As an outdoor fireworks display for the City of Woodbury's Fourth of July celebration, the fireworks will be scheduled to go off precisely at 10 p.m. Bielenberg Sports Center is currently the main event location, with approximately 15,000 viewers located across the complex. Overall, there are approximately 20,000 viewers in the area of the display, including the East Ridge High School facility, as well as private residences surrounding the Bielenberg Sports Center site. The city does retain the right to negotiate with the vendor and implement an alternative location, within the city, during the duration of the contract.

Please contact Chris Fleck for additional information on the Request for Proposal or to schedule an appointment to visit the site of the fireworks display at (651) 714—3586 or