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Year in review: Business

Selma's Ice Cream Parlour served its first scoop this year when the restaurant reopened after being closed for three years.

Some opened brand new, others closed, while some remodeled or expanded.

The most notable, however, were the businesses residents got excited about: restaurants and shops.

Tavern Grill took over the former Aperitif restaurant and opened near the Sheraton.

Sole Mio Italian restaurant opened at the Valley Creek Mall in the fall after months of renovations.

When Blockbuster closed its doors in March, the space opened up to three new businesses including a barber shop and the frozen yogurt place Freeziac.

Another yogurt shop, Cherry Berry, also opened in 2012 at Tamarack Village.

Aldi grocery store replaced Borders and opened this fall, while Kohl's did a $1 million renovation to its Woodbury location testing out new features that may be added to other Twin Cities stores.

Punch Pizza announced in December that it will open its eighth Twin Cities location in Woodbury this June, gathering up some excitement from local fans.

Just a few months after it opened in April, Woody's Roadhouse shut its doors and was bought by the After Midnight Group.

The company has plans to open "Cowboy Jack's" and is currently doing an extensive remodel to the space.

Selma's reopens in Afton

Selma's Ice Cream Parlour served up its first scoop in two years in April when it reopened.

Selma's went into foreclosure in 2010 after former owner Chet Kurtz filed for bankruptcy. Becky and Paul Nickerson, of Houlton, Wis., paid $155,000 for the property; the asking price was $299,000.

The newly re-opened Selma's maintains many of the characteristics that has made it a staple for so many people - an old fashioned feel. Family Becky and Paul Nickerson said their vision for Selma's has always been to bring it back to what it has always been - an old fashioned look, a family feel and good ice cream.