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Things that make you go Yum: New ice cream shop opens in Woodbury

Yum Ice Cream has 24 different flavors in addition to candy. The shop will also add old fashioned candy to be sold in bulk. Staff photo by Riham Feshir

It's November, yes, but do Minnesotans really care what month it is when it comes to ice cream and old fashioned sugary treats?

That's what Tammy Medina and the team behind Yum Ice Cream said.

The Woodbury woman just opened the ice cream shop at the Eagle Valley Marketplace where Angelina's Café used to be.

"We decided we wanted to try something new," she said. "There is nothing like that right here in this part of town."

Yum Ice Cream has 24 different flavors, including the superman, caramel collision, pirate's booty, bubble gum, praline pecan and elephant tracks flavors.

But what's been popular so far is the coffee drive thru.

"When Angela decided to move to the other side and not have coffee, a lot of people were quite disappointed," Medina said of the owner of Angelina's Kitchen Angela Verrastro.

Customers were used to grabbing a quick cup of coffee on their way to work and when they heard another coffee shop opened, they started coming back, she added.

Since it has been cold outside, the shop, which opened about two weeks ago, is still trying to get things finalized.

The look and feel of the space didn't change much from the previous café. It still has wireless Internet access and casual seating.

Medina and the team added a kids' area with toys and smaller chairs to keep the little ones occupied.

Yum Ice Cream will continue to add on items, Medina said, including baked goods, breakfast sandwiches and donuts for the morning coffee rush, in addition to the old fashioned candies.

"The kids love when they go to the small town candy stores," she said, adding, "By the time we have our open house, we're hoping we'll be a lot further along."

The candy won't just appeal to the younger demographic, though. It'll add a sense of nostalgia to the older crowd as well, Medina said.

Yum Ice Cream does not have set hours yet, but the shop is usually busy with students right after school and in the morning before people go to work.

However, Medina said she's hoping that will change to attract customers all day long.

Plans to host ice cream socials, birthday parties and school events are in the works.

"As we kind of evolve, we'll be coming up with better and new ideas and offerings and things down the road," Medina said.

Riham Feshir
Riham Feshir is a reporter and photographer for the Woodbury Bulletin. Her coverage includes Woodbury City Hall, Washington County Board of Commissioners and business news.  Follow Riham on Twitter @RihamFeshir for the latest updates.