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Woodbury Snyders closing

The Snyder drug store, a longtime tenant of the Valley Creek Mall, but is expected to close within days or weeks.

The Snyder Drug Store in Woodbury was spruced up within the past year.

New signs and shelves were installed and the store, a long tenant of the Valley Creek Mall, got a fresh paint job.

Then, last week, the local retailer and other corporate-owned Synder stores in Minnesota were bought out by Walgreens.

"I thought it was odd; we just redid the store," Snyder employee Patricia Whetstone said of plans to close the Woodbury location. "I thought we were doing OK. I guess we weren't."

Customers of the Snyders Drug Store in Woodbury will have to fill their prescriptions elsewhere beginning Friday, Jan. 22. The pharmacy closes for good one night earlier, Whetstone said, and the store's hours will be increasingly limited, until it eventually closes.

Walgreens is buying the pharmacy operations of 25 Minnesota Snyders, including the Woodbury location, and shuttering some of the stores.

The Woodbury store's pharmacy customers will have their prescriptions transferred to a local Walgreens, said Michael Morin, a Snyders spokesman. They should have received a letter in the mail explaining their prescription status.

Morin declined to discuss whether the store is closing. He only would say that with two Walgreens stores already in Woodbury, "it would make sense to me."

The buyout was not unusual, Molin said. Large pharmacy retailers such as Walgreens and CVS have been buying smaller stores for some years now.

Customer Delmar Werner stopped at the Woodbury store to purchase sale items Sunday afternoon. Werner, 67, said he has shopped the local store for more than 10 years. It is close to his home on St. Paul's east side, he said.

"I'm surprised they're closing," Werner said. "It's a nice store. They're always well-stocked."

Walgreens officials plan to interview employees at Snyders locations that will be closed; some may be hired to work at Walgreens. There are Walgreens stores at 1625 Queens Drive and 1965 Donegal Drive.

"What they're looking for is to find people to supplement their personnel right now," Morin said.

The Woodbury Snyders store employs 18 people, Morin said.

See the Jan. 20 print edition of the Woodbury Bulletin for the full story.