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Name the rescued bobcat at Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo

This rescued bobcat could use your help in getting a name. Cedar Pet Clinic in Lake Elmo is accepting suggestions by way of its website. Submitted photo

The public is invited to suggest names for a bobcat rescued May 11 from living conditions that were called "deplorable" by Minnesota Wildcat Sanctuary director Tammy Quist-Hiese.

Dr. John Baillie of Cedar Pet Clinic Lake Elmo is the medical director of the sanctuary, which provides permanent homes for dozens of rescued animals.

Baillie and his staff provided medical care to the bobcat, which was found in a cage stuffed with garbage, feces and rotting chickens.

It was reported on local television news that the bobcat was rescued out of state, from an owner who was suspected of also hoarding wild wolves.

When seen by Baillie, the animal required removal of rotting teeth and other medical care.

"These are wild animals," Baillie said, "and it is horrid to see them confined and abused."

The bobcat, a four year-old neutered male, will spend 30 days in isolation at the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, its new permanent home.

The public is invited to suggest a name for the rescued bobcat at

The clinic's staff, which spends hundreds of hours each year caring for rescued wildcats, will choose from the public suggestions and a framed photo of the animal, a Wildcat Sanctuary DVD, and a backstage tour of the clinic in Lake Elmo will be presented.

Nominations close June 1, with an announcement of the bobcat's new name to follow.

More information, and links to the television coverage, are available on the clinic website.