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'Store To Door' expands service for seniors

Seniors who are homebound and would like to have groceries delivered into their kitchens can now be served by Store To Door, non-profit grocery shopping and delivery service.

Since 1984, Store To Door has been working in the metro area, gradually expanding its ability to serve more clients.

"We are delighted to expand our service to seniors in Washington County," said executive director Mary Jo Schifsky. "We already serve 1,300 clients in the metro area who want to continue to live independently but can no longer navigate around a grocery store and transport their groceries home.

"At this time, we have capacity in east metro so we are eager to let potential clients and their caregivers know of our service."

Volunteers for Store To Door call seniors every two weeks for their grocery order and shop for them at Cub Foods. A staff person delivers the groceries to the client's kitchen, lifting heavy grocery items, putting frozen food away if asked and loosening tight lids.

If a senior orders from the pharmacy at Cub Foods, Store To Door will deliver the prescriptions with the grocery order.

Elderly seniors with a wide range of incomes use the service. There is a sliding scale delivery fee.

"For the most part, our clients all pay for their groceries," Schifsky said. "We just recently began accepting EBT cards as payment.

"We welcome volunteers because we have a small staff. Our volunteers take very detailed grocery orders and shop diligently so we deliver as accurate an order as we can to each client," said Schifsky. "We could not operate without over 400 dedicated and caring volunteers."

Those interested in more information can call (651) 642-1892 and ask for the volunteer coordinator or enrollment specialist, or visit