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Summer camp sneak peek days at Primrose

Primrose School of Woodbury will be hosting free "Summer Camp Sneak Peek" days on Monday, Jan. 19 and Monday, Jan. 26.

Each themed session is designed to stretch a child's imagination, social skills and learning skills by incorporating the school's "Balanced Learning" program for success.

At Camp Primrose (June 8 to Aug. 28), children will learn valuable skills while spending the summer with friends in a safe, nurturing environment.

Camp Primrose is open to school-age children (ages five to 12) for one week, one month or the entire summer. Children may enroll full-time or part-time.

Children's imaginations don't take the summer off, and Camp Primrose students will have the opportunity to cook up something good during the "What's Cooking?" theme.

They embark on a virtual trip around the world with the theme, "Passport to Adventure."

Finally the can dream big as they learn about different careers and explore what they want to be when they grow up during the third theme, "When I Grow Up! "

During each session, children experience on-campus and off-campus field trips, and each child will create something memorable and lasting before heading back into the school year.

Primrose Explorers dream about summer as they catch a "sneak peek" of Summer Camp while they are out of school on these select days.

Contact the school to enroll children for this complimentary experience.

Space is limited; reserve your space today.

Primrose is a leader in early childhood education. Celebrating more than 25 years in education, Primrose is currently operating in 14 states and has more than 190 locations. Primrose Schools Private Kindergarten offers your child a comprehensive, literacy-based, teacher-directed curriculum that prepares a child for elementary school.

Smaller class sizes emphasize a solid preparation in the fundamental academic skills of reading, phonics, writing and mathematics.

Individualized learning paths in reading and math are developed for each child.

Enrichment activities are integrated into the daily program with child-initiated opportunities for fun and learning.

Character development, interpersonal skills, and life skills are taught with the same passion as academics.

Call (651) 731-5333 to reserve a child's space for any Primrose School of Woodbury program.

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