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Cartridge World: 'Please don't feed the landfill'

A discarded printer cartridge thrown into a landfill can take up to 450 years to decompose. With over 350 million cartridges thrown out every year, a mountain of e-waste is steadily forming throughout our nation's landfills.

Since printers are commonplace in every home office and business, it makes sense to reuse and refill empty ink and toner cartridges.

With 1,600 stores worldwide, Cartridge World - Woodbury is part of a mission to educate local consumers and businesses on how they can help make a difference in the planet's limited natural resources.

Robert Jonell, local Cartridge World store owner, is proud to be part of this national effort.

With Earth Day approaching, it's a good time of year to remind consumers how to create a "green" home and work environment. Implementing green practices at times can be costly but, by refilling printer cartridges at Cartridge World, consumers will actually save money and help the environment at the same time.

Cartridge World - Woodbury has developed programs to make recycling printer cartridges easier for consumers and businesses. Customers simply swap out an empty, original cartridge or purchase one already refilled and find a significant savings compared to buying new.

Recycling bins are also stationed at all Cartridge World retail locations, including the 7455 Currell Blvd. location, for the general public to drop off empty cartridges.

Businesses can also help protect the environment and save money by participating in the Business Direct program, which allows businesses to set up accounts with Cartridge World. Cartridge World then picks up the empty toner cartridges; refills and delivers each back to the business (most offer free pick-up and delivery for qualified businesses).

"With our continued commitment to recycling, we look forward to the day when reusing and refilling cartridges is as common as separating waste materials in our homes," said Jonell. "Recycling programs for cans, bottles and papers are mainstream, but few realize the additional impact they can make by reusing and refilling printer ink cartridges."

Cartridge World recommends the following tips:

• Refill and reuse empty ink jet and toner cartridges

• Use rewriteable CDs and DVDs so they can be re-used again

• Print double sided

• Decrease margin areas to fit more copy on a page

• Double-check your drafts before you print

• Communicate with team members about who will bring printouts to meetings

• Turn off all electrical equipment at night.

Cartridge World's customers are making a difference in the environment by keeping millions of empty cartridges out of trash bins.

"Officially Earth Day is April 22nd, but at Cartridge World, it's every day," Jonell added.

For more information on Cartridge World - Woodbury, and its recycling programs, call Jonell at (651) 739-0060.