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Kids may go wild for new salon

Remember your childhood, when going for a hair cut meant sitting in a waiting area full of adults, climbing into a tall, adult-sized chair and squinting up at a mirror to see what was going on while the stylist talked with your parents?

Well, things have changed.

Wild Child Hair is the newest kids' hair styling phenomenon to arrive in Woodbury, and will offer air hockey and Nintendo Wii games to kids while they wait, and have small, kid-sized chairs and TVs at each station to entertain the pint-sized clients.

Melissa Mason-Fink, the woman behind Wild Child Hair, was due to open the new salon in City Walk, Woodbury, on March 17.

"We are trying to make it a one-stop hair cut place, so everyone has something," she said. "I want to make it so that dad can come here with the kids on Saturday and they can all get their hair cut in one place."

Mason-Fink, 33, and her husband Dan Fink, 34, who live in Stone Mill Farms, had been investigating the possibility of opening their own business for several years.

When Mason-Fink was let go from her former employer last October, she decided it was time to act.

She says her two children, four-year-old Chelsea and six-year-old Bridget, have been excited about the prospect of her opening a hair salon for kids, and even helped choose the new business's logo.

"I just think kids are so genuine," said Mason-Fink. "You cut their hair, and you'll know right away whether they are going to like it, or if they look in the mirror and just freak out!"

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